How Does pollution Affects our hair health?

Everyone knows how harmful is pollution to our health and that it is a cause of many respiratory diseases, but how many of us know that pollution is equally harmful for our hair health too? Only a few of us know that, right? Yes, Pollution has adverse effects on our hair. Competing with our busy progressive lives and growing pollution everywhere, we are unaware of a necessary step that is protecting our hair from pollution.

Let's have a look at how it affects our hair and how we can avoid the adverse effects of it and protect our hair.


Air Pollution is a global disease and the intensity of it is increasing day by day. It is a matter of concern for each one of us and our environment too, and the main cause of it is the particulate matter or the pollutants emitted by vehicles, construction sites and factories.

The emitted matter contains gases like Sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide which are fatal to our health.


1.Dryness and Brittleness

The pollutants when come in contact with our hair, sucks up the moisture and strips the natural oils of the scalp leading to dry, dull and rough hair.

And it results in split ends and brittle hair. 

2.Impeding Hair Growth

The dust particles often settle down on the scalp and block hair follicles making the scalp dirtier. This prevents blood circulation in the scalp resulting in demotion of hair growth.

3.Excessive Hair Loss

The harmful particles weaken the hair follicles and roots leading to hair loss. This hair loss if not treated on time then results in hair thinning. This makes the hair prone to breakage and split ends.

4.Scalp Irritation

The dirt accumulated on the scalp often leads to irritation, itching and inflammation. It also causes bacteria on the scalp resulting in many more issues like dandruff and flaky scalp. 

5.Premature Greying

The harmful gases in the environment accelerates premature ageing of hair leading to loss of pigment and thinning of follicles before the age.

And this is scientifically proven.


1.Cover your Hair

Make sure to cover your hair with a scarf or hat before stepping out. This will protect your hair from dust and pollutants to an extent by creating a barrier between hair and pollutants.

 2.Scalp Exfoliation

Use clarifying shampoos and scalp exfoliators once in 10-15 days. This clears the scalp buildup accumulated and ensures the scalp to remain clean . 

3.Using Sulphate and Paraben Free Products

Products free from parabens, sulphates and silicones are mild and gentle for your hair. They cleanses your hair gently without stripping the natural oils, maintain a healthy balance. 

4.Deep Conditioning

Using hair masks and leave in conditioners nourishes and locks hydration in your hair. Natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil are also great conditioners

5.Balance Diet

Having a diet full of vitamins, minerals, proteins provides essential nutrients which strengthens hair follicles resulting in stronger and healthier hair.


Pollution is a non negotiable part of environment, we must take steps to reduce pollution and control it from spreading further. We should not forget to protect our hair from the harmful effects of pollution and do follow the forementioned measures to achieve good quality hair.

These measure wont show overnight results so you must follow them consistently to see visible results. Taking care of your hair patiently will let you enjoy the beauty of healthier hair in a longer run with Naturali Pollution defence shampoo.

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