We Added The Good


Avocados are rich in Vitamins A, D, E, A Carotene, and many other nutrients that are proven to do a world of good for your skin and hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil contains terpinene-4-ol, a powerful germ killer and immunity booster. It helps fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and other foreign invaders and prevents them from causing skin damage.


Charcoal offers the kind of intense cleansing that’s difficult to find anywhere else. Making it the go-to ingredient for skincare and haircare.

Red Onion

Red Onions are layered with protein, potassium, cysteine, sulphur, flavonoids, vitamin C and an abundance of all things awesome. Because they are more potent than other variants in the onion family, red onions contain twice the amount of antioxidants.

Moringa Oil

Here are some of the amazing feats of the great Moringa Oil! Extracted from moringa seeds, this oil contains oleic acid and tocopherols. Being anti-inflammatory, Moringa Oil is known to be incredibly soothing for scalp.

Red Raspberry

One of the greatest living examples of the quote, The best things come in small packages, has to be Red Raspberry. It’s a great fruit and an even greater beauty ingredient. A rich source of several powerful antioxidant compounds, including tocopherols, red raspberry is known to be an exceptional skin defender.

Green Tea

Seriously! If we say green tea is the best care for skin and hair out there, we wouldn’t be exaggerating. It’s loaded with antioxidant polyphenols that can tackle a variety of skin and hair damage from environmental aggressors.


Bhringraj oil is a treasure trove of nutrients. No wonder it holds such a significant place in ayurvedic haircare. Now one of the buzziest ingredients in modern-day haircare, Bhringraj is proven to penetrate deep into hair’s cellular structure and repair extensive damage, which could even reverse hair loss.

We Deleted The Bad

Phthalates Free

Phthalates belong to a family of industrial chemicals most commonly used to soften plastic. What’s a harsh chemical like this doing in cosmetics? Well, they make great solvents and are used to formulate a number of cosmetic products. However, phthalates are harmful to health, causing damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system. No surprises there!

Mineral Oil Free

We all know mineral oil! A by-product of petroleum, it’s clear, odourless and found in most cosmetics. Being an occlusive emollient, it is popularly used in moisturizing products. Nevertheless, it’s not the best of ingredients. Because of its large molecular size, our skin is unable to absorb mineral oil. So it remains on skin’s surface, trapping ingredient residue that eventually leads to clogging of pores.

Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde is a simple chemical compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, found naturally in all living cells. The cosmetics industry loves this compound for its preservative and anti-bacterial properties. However, it is far from safe. Studies have shown that excessive exposure to formaldehyde could cause skin allergies, asthma, flu-like symptoms and even cancer.

Sulphate Free

Sulphates are found in many chemical ingredients that go into cleaning and personal care products. While sulphate itself is not particularly harmful to us, its compounds have been known to have adverse effects on health. Not like sulphate production is any great for the environment!

Paraben Free

Parabens are bad news. An overload of these synthetic compounds is known to cause hormone imbalance in our bodies leading to a wide range of health problems. By the way, they aren’t just bad for us. They are bad for the environment too!