Why You Need to Use Onions to Get Healthier and Faster Hair Growth

The aspiration to have good hair in our everyday life is what we live with. It might sound dreamy. But most of the time hair specialists assure you that you can live your dream if you follow some basic tips and tricks. It needs smart choices, thinking, and consistency in your daily life. To start with it, you can use onion extracts and experience their wonder on your hair by applying them consistently.

Are you worried about intense hair loss? Hair care experts always suggest using toxin-free products to get good texture and experience faster growth. If you are experiencing intense hair loss or premature hair greying, these products will be the perfect choice to keep your hair healthy. As onions also have benefits in keeping your hair texture intact, many natural hair care products are made of onion extracts.

Onion is a root-based vegetable and it helps you to control hair fall, improves hair texture, and works on curing premature greying. There are several benefits of onions except for one issue that people keep complaining about, that is the bad odor of its juice. Therefore, one needs to opt for toxin-free onion extract infused hair care products.

Benefits of Onions You Must Look for, to get Good Health of Your Hair

Everybody wants to remain cautious about keeping good health of their hair. Onion benefits for hair will let you experience shiny and healthy hair with reduced hair fall. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of using onion extract-infused hair care products.

1) Fights hair fall

Sulphur consumption can increase keratin production, hair follicle growth, and the formation of building blocks in your hair. Onion oil, due to its high sulphur content, provides the best nourishment for our scalp and hair roots. Calcium, potassium, and magnesium are present, which promotes blood flow and protects hair strands from free radical damage.

2) Addresses premature greying

One of the chemicals used to bleach hair is hydrogen peroxide. Our hair also produces hydrogen peroxide naturally, but when its concentrations exceed a certain threshold, it damages the hair roots. The hair shaft suffers from oxidative damage as a result of this.

Catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase are three enzymes produced by our bodies to eliminate excess hydrogen peroxide. Our onion oil promotes the development of these enzymes and reduces the damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.

3) Combats hair infection

This oil improves the overall health of the scalp and protects it from bacterial infections, thereby preventing dandruff and irritation. Any bacterial infection inhibits hair growth and reduces hair thickness, which is undesirable. Infections harm the hair roots, causing split ends and hair breakage.

4) Hydrates and nourishes hair

This toxin-free hair care product makes hair softer and shinier. Its unique formula hydrates the hair strands while also feeding the roots and follicles. To have the best hair care experience at home, nourish and hydrate your hair.

5) Works as Anti-Hair Fall Spa

There are various types of hair spas available depending on the needs of the hair. It is a treatment in which you are given high-end products to condition, moisturize, or feed your hair. A hair spa alleviates hair care issues such as excessive hair loss, infectious diseases, and unattractive hair texture. You don't have to go to a spa to reap the same benefits; instead, try our Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit.

Some Onion hair care products are listed Below:-

1. Onion Hair Oil

One of our best-selling products, Onion Hair Oil, prevents hair loss, premature greying, and excessive thinning. Onions are the main ingredients because they are high in Sulphur and potassium is the building block of hair cells. Redensyl, Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Castor Oil, and Amla Oil are also included. This toxin-free hair oil is suitable for daily use and helps to strengthen and shine hair.

2. Onion Shampoo

The popular red onion shampoo is designed to combat severe hair loss, split ends, dandruff, and lifeless hair. Plant keratin, wheat amino acids, soy amino acids, and onion are all abundant. Our Onion Shampoo strengthens hair follicles while also removing bacterial infections.

3. Onion Conditioner

Hair conditioning is an important component of the hair care routine that is frequently overlooked or ignored. Our red onion hair conditioner treats hair care issues such as dandruff, clogged locks, dull texture, and excessive hair fall.

Final Thought

Do you like the ingredients listed above, or are you more of an onion fan? First, you should identify your hair care issues. Next, create a haircare routine similar to how you would create a skincare routine for yourself. You should take advantage of the natural benefits of a mild, toxin-free onion hair oil.

The key is to stick to your hair care routine, to be consistent, and to use gentle hair care products. Do not get fooled by chemically-enriched products that make unrealistic and lofty claims; they may do more harm than good by repairing your hair internally.

The use of Naturali's Hairfall Arrest Shampoo and proper conditioning after that will reduce daily hair fall. The product is infused with the extracts of Bhringraj and red onion. The goodness of red onion goes deep into your scalp to support the growth of hair follicles, and promote the health of your hair.

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