Avocado - The Superfood for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Avocado is a gift that keeps on giving! Just when you think you have enough reasons to love the fruit, you find more! Known as the alligator pear, this lovable large berry is Mexican by origin. Avocados have found their way to kitchens all over the world and now, they seem to have found a permanent residence in hair care products too!

That’s right! Research has proven avocados to be one of the greatest superfoods for healthy hair. So, don’t be surprised if you find it in oil or concentrate form among the ingredients of your favourite shampoo or conditioner.

Here are top 3 reasons avocado’s a hair care genius!

1. Forms a protective barrier 

    Avocados help create a protective barrier over scalp and hair to block micro-pollutants, UV rays and other environmental aggressors. They are also anti-inflammatory and are excellent for sensitive scalp.

    2. Moisturises scalp and hair

      Avocados contain fat that helps condition dry, frizzy hair and lock in moisture content. The biotin in avocado helps hair regain its natural texture and shine.

      3. Repairs follicular damage

        The nutrient-rich avocado has the power to help repair deep follicular damage and promoting hair growth.

        How can you include this superfood in your hair care regime?

        There are so many ways to include avocados in your daily hair care. You could massage your hair with avocado oil, make a hair mask out of avocado pulp and so on. But the easiest and the least messy way would be to choose avocado-enriched haircare products, like our Naturali haircare range. Proven to work from the first use, our shampoos and conditioners are infused with the goodness of avocado, and other natural haircare ingredients using our patented SuperblendTM technology. So, you can maintain your hair’s health every day, Naturali!

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