Activated Charcoal Face Wash. What and why should you use it?

In this ever-evolving world, the need for regular outdoor activities has become the new normal. Due to this, sometimes we have to carry a sticky and oily face while stepping out of the house. Such factors give rise to the need for a detoxifying facewash to embrace our skin. Activated Charcoal Face Wash works magic in such cases to deeply cleanse the pores to remove all the dirt. This article shares a brief overview regarding the benefits of charcoal facewash and why you should use it. So, without further delay, let's get started.

Proven Benefits of Activated Charcoal Face Wash

All of us like to maintain a perfect facial glow. Charcoal helps greatly to maintain the facial glow through its various skincare benefits. Below mentioned are some of the proven benefits of activated charcoal face wash.

Deep Cleansing

Charcoal is known for its exceptional absorbent properties, which draw out the impurities, toxins, and excess oil from the skin, providing a deep and thorough cleanse. This helps in preventing clogged pores and minimizing the risk of acne and breakouts. A charcoal facewash goes deep into your pores to remove all dust and dirt.

Pore Purification

Charcoal can restrict or minimize the appearance of pores. By clearing out excess oil, charcoal face wash contributes to offering a smoother and more refined skin texture.


Our Pollution Defence Facewash, which comes with the richness of Charcoal contains gentle exfoliating particles that help to remove the dead skin cells. It helps to create a smoother surface that reflects light, contributing to a natural glow.

Balancing Oil Production

Charcoal face wash helps balance oil production on the skin. It regulates sebum levels for individuals with oily skin, preventing an overly greasy complexion without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Prevents Blackheads

In simple terms, using a Charcoal Face Wash can stop blackheads from forming by pulling out impurities. If you use charcoal face wash often, your skin will become clearer, resulting in a fresh experience.


Throughout the day, during outdoor activities, plenty of pollutants and toxins tend to accumulate on the skin. Our Pollution Defence Facewash, which is recognized for its detoxifying properties, assists in the removal of such environmental pollutants. 

How to apply an Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Using activated charcoal face wash requires little effort. Below mentioned are the step-by-step guide to do so.

Wet Your Face

The initial step should be splashing your face with water to make it damp.

Apply Face Wash

Squeeze a small amount of Pollution Defence Facewash, which is enriched with Charcoal, onto your hands. Rub your hands together to create a lather.

Gently Cleanse

Massage the face wash onto your face using gentle, circular motions. Pay extra attention to areas where you experience more dryness or excessive oil.

Avoid Eyes

Ensure the applied face wash doesn't reach your eyes, which might irritate them.

Let it Sit

Keep the face wash on your skin for a short time to let the Charcoal do its magic.

Rinse Well

Thoroughly wash your face with lukewarm water to remove all the face wash from your skin.

Pat Dry

Use a clean towel to pat on the face gently. Make sure you don't go harsh on the skin.

Usage Frequency

Depending upon the skin type and requirements, maintain a usage frequency of at least once a day.

Presenting Naturali's Activated Charcoal Face Wash For Clear Skin 

Pollution Defence Facewash

This amazing facewash from Naturali, loaded with the goodness of Charcoal, assists in unclogging pores and removing all the facial dirt. Moreover, it removes the dead cells from the skin, contributing to a smoother texture. The presence of avocado nourishes your skin to make it softer. SuperBlend Technology used behind the preparation of this product makes it ideal for everyday use. Thus, enjoy 2X brighter skin with all the micropollutants removed from your face.


To sum it up, activated charcoal face wash is like a superhero for your skin. You can take advantage of the natural benefits to get the best results. Regular use of charcoal face wash can help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. It is important to stick to a proper routine and use this Pollution Defence Facewash regularly. Using this Naturali product helps clean your face better and enhance your overall looks.


Can activated charcoal face wash benefits all skin types?

Activated charcoal face wash works well for different skin types. It is really good for people with oily or acne-prone skin because it helps to remove excess oil. And if you have dry skin, it is recommended to use this product once a day.

Is it safe to use activated charcoal face wash every day?

How often you use this product depends on your skin and what the product suggests. Some use it every day, but others might find a few times a week is enough for their skin routine.

Are there any specific tips for maximizing the benefits of activated Charcoal face wash?

To get the best results, put the face wash on wet skin, massage it gently, and follow what the product says about how to use it.

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